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VAERS Report 2137016

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 72 ans

Genre: Female

Région : Kentucky

Patient décédé?
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Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: MODERNA

Lot: 008b21a

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Description de l’événement indésirable

"the patient is a 73 y.o. female, presented on 2/14/2022 with the above. the symptoms/labs were thought to be marked in severity and unstable. onset several days ago. associated symptoms include fatigue . alleviated by none. the patient has a history of pericardial effusion and afib for which she is on warfarin. she also has a history of gi bleed and had an egd on 8/4/21 with ablation of gastric avm's. she had a c.scope on 1/27/22 with poor prep but a polyp was noted in the transverse colon and she had some diverticulosis. the patient states that she has had some shortness of breath and weakness for several days. she was seen here on the 10th and was found to be covid 19 positive. she was discharged for outpatient management. since that time she states that she has felt worse and she has noted melena when she uses the bathroom. she came back to the ed today and was noted to have a sodium of 124 with a cr of 1.4 and a serum osmolality of 256. she also had a hemoglobin of 6.4 and an inr of 6.9.her hemoglobin on the 10th was 10.6. she deneis any bright red blood per rectum. she has had some pain in her abdomen to touch on the left side of her abdomen. ct of the abdomen pelvis showed a subacute hematoma in the rectus sheath. she was also noted to have a dilated ivc and ascities. the patient is currently on 3 liters. she states that she is on 3 liters at home. she has been admitted for further management." hospital course: the patient was admitted to the hospital and was evaluated and treated per below. * acute blood loss anemia o acute blood loss anemia. upper endoscopy done showing hiatal hernia and chronic gastritis with no evidence of any active gi bleeding. hgb 7.7 today, remains stable/unchanged. she will need further gi evaluation on outpatient basis. follow-up with gi. discharge home today with home health. patient changed her mind and does not want inpatient rehabilitation. o covid-19 virus infection. remdesivir course done. remains on 3 l of oxygen by nasal cannula. continue to monitor. o inr was elevated on admission. coumadin was held due to acute blood loss anemia. needed to vitamin k. inr is trending down. continue to hold coumadin and resume when cleared by cardiology and gi. o atrial fibrillation. controlled. continue current treatment and monitor on telemetry. o anasarca. controlled on oral diuretics. o diabetes mellitus type 2. continue with same home regimen/equivalent. monitor blood sugar and cover with insulin sliding scale. o hypertension. controlled. continue same treatment. follow up daily labs. o physical deconditioning. patient changed her mind and does not want inpatient rehabilitation. discharge home with home health

Données de laboratoire
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chronic gastritis gastrointestinal arteriovenous malformation abdominal wall haematoma ascites high frequency ablation diverticulum fatigue feeling abnormal blood creatinine increased melaena asthenia abdominal pain dyspnoea generalised oedema blood sodium decreased covid-19 sars-cov-2 test positive computerised tomogram abdomen abnormal colonoscopy abnormal haemoglobin decreased blood osmolarity decreased hiatus hernia cardiac telemetry international normalised ratio increased endoscopy upper gastrointestinal tract abnormal inferior vena cava dilatation blood loss anaemia physical deconditioning large intestine polyp
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doxycycline, alendronate, benadryl, buspar, iodine, levaquin, phenergan
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