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VAERS Report 2137029

Case Report Section

Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 61 ans

Genre: Female

Région : Kentucky

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Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: MODERNA

Lot: 036b21a

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a 62 y.o. female with a history of shortness of breath and cough has been present for about the last week. patient states she's felt that for approximately 2 years atrophy diagnosis stage iv lung cancer she states over last week she's had an increased amount of cough congestion short of breath normally wears 2 l at home but has had to turn it up due to shortness of breath has had a lot of wheezing using breathing treatments at home without success cough will not clear she's had no nausea no vomiting but appetite and decreased she has had about a 60 pound weight loss over last 6 months. denies chest pain bowels have moved without diarrhea patient seen in emergency room noted have bacterial pneumonia as well as covid pneumonia. patient follows with oncology for stage iv lung cancer on immunotherapy. patient requests dnr code status". hospital course: the patient was admitted to the hospital and was evaluated and treated per below. * acute on chronic respiratory failure with hypoxia description of the problem/progression: plan: o pneumonia due to covid 19 virus with acute respiratory failure with hypoxia. improving on current treatment. completed remdesivir course d5/5. continues on iv solu-medrol, transitioned to po tapering course of prednisone. weaned oxygen back to oxygen baseline at 2 l. will taper decadron to once daily. nebs and inhalers as ordered. continue to follow up daily inflammatory markers and d-dimer. continue nebs and inhalers. encourage incentive spirometry use and pronating. continue supportive/symptomatic treatment and supplements as ordered per covid protocol. follow up daily lab. o strep pneumonia bacteremia. followed by infectious diseases, consult appreciated. remains on rocephin. repeat blood cultures remained no growth at 96 hours. sputum culture is pending, patient is unable to produce. status post pleural tap with only 4 cc retrieved. o copd with acute exacerbation. improved. continue nebs, and inhalers, and weaned off iv solu-medrol per above. o pleural effusion. interventional radiology consulted for possible pleural tap. o elevated d-dimer. repeat cta of the chest shows no pulmonary embolus. however there is evidence of possible spleen hematoma versus other etiologies. patient is also anemic. concern about possible splenic hemorrhage versus infarct. holding anticoagulation. switched to scds for dvt prophylaxis. general surgery consulted. ct of the abdomen and pelvis ordered with iv contrast showing splenic infarct in addition to worsening omental metastasis. pulmonary consulted palliative care. patient requested hospice evaluation. she requested discharge home with hospice. o anemia with positive occult blood. workup otherwise is unremarkable for any b12, iron or folate deficiencies. gi consulted. endoscopy only with overt bleeding. continue to monitor h&h which remain stable. o stage iv lung cva. on immunotherapy outpatient. per above

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splenic haematoma streptococcal bacteraemia immunosuppressant drug therapy sputum decreased mesenteric neoplasm wheezing cerebrovascular accident anaemia decreased appetite cough condition aggravated dyspnoea weight decreased pleural effusion haemorrhage blood folate normal computerised tomogram abdomen abnormal endoscopy abnormal vitamin b12 normal blood iron normal respiratory tract congestion angiogram pulmonary abnormal chronic obstructive pulmonary disease sputum culture haemoglobin normal fibrin d dimer increased occult blood positive covid-19 pneumonia blood culture negative haematocrit normal acute respiratory failure metastasis pneumonia bacterial atrophy scan with contrast abnormal aspiration pleural cavity splenic infarction inflammatory marker test lung carcinoma cell type unspecified stage iv splenic haemorrhage
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