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VAERS Report 2137072

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Détails du rapport Vaer

Âge: 37 ans

Genre: Female

Région : Indiana

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Type : Coronavirus 2019 vaccine

Fabricant: PFIZER

Lot: ew0180

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7/19/21: i received my first covid shot (pfizer) on 7/19/21 at 12:00pm. within 5 minutes my arms and legs started tingling and went numb. my heart was racing, it became difficult to breathe and i became very dizzy. i went to alert the pharmacy tech at pharmacy who administered the shot, but she was unavailable. the girl behind the counter had me sit down and went to get her. by the time she came out, the feeling started to pass. i waited there 30 minutes and felt ok, so i went back to work. within an hour the same scenario happened again. my limbs went numb, i had difficulty breathing and a high heart rate. however, within a few minutes the symptoms passed again. an hour later i started getting a severe headache and the vision in my right eye became blurry with black floaters. i assumed this was a ?normal? reaction, so i went to bed early that night thinking i'd be ok by the next day. 7/20/21 ? 7/25/21: i woke up the next day with the same headache as well as the visual disturbances. i was more fatigued than normal, but again assumed the side effects would only last 2-3 days like the cdc suggests. as the week went on my symptoms remained and i was continually having short episodes where i would get numbness and tingling in my extremities along with rapid heart rate, shortness of breath and dizziness. i had one particular episode where i woke up in the middle of the night and thought i was having a heart attack. my heart was racing and i couldn't breathe. i woke my husband up to take me to the hospital, but it passed within 5 minutes. therefore, i called my primary care doctor and an eye doctor to set up appointments for the following week. 7/26/21 ? 8/4/21: on july 26, 2021 i went to the eye doctor. i told her about the headaches, eye floaters and blurry vision in my right eye that started just hours after my vaccine. she did a full medical exam and did not find any type of retinal detachment or other medical cause for my symptoms. i then went to my primary care doctor on 7/27/21. she thought that my side effects were possibly just taking longer than usual to go away or that maybe i had a panic attack. however, i have no history of panic attacks. she told to me to give it some more time and ordered some blood work as a precaution. during the rest of that week my symptoms began getting worse and the fatigue became overwhelming. i also noticed huge fluctuations in my blood pressure and i have always had excellent blood pressure in the past. 8/5/21: on august 5, 2021 i woke up with the usual symptoms. i was working from home that day and began getting extremely dizzy and cognitively could not function. i became very weak, so i took my blood pressure at home and it was 180/102. i tried drinking some water and laying down and my heart began racing, my arms and legs went numb and had a burning sensation. the dizziness got worse so i went to the er. when i got there my blood pressure was at 161/104 and pulse at 99. they thought maybe i was having a stroke. so they did a head ct scan and some bloodwork which came back normal. they also did an ekg which came back came slightly abnormal with tachycardia, but not showing a heart attack or other major event. they gave me medication and had me stay until my heart rate and blood pressure was better then sent me home. 8/7/21: on august 7, 2021 i woke up extremely dizzy and weak with a bad headache and visual blurriness/floaters. i tried to take a shower but could barely stand up straight. i took some ibuprofen and went back to bed for an hour. when i got up the second time my legs collapsed. they were completely numb and i was so weak i could barely walk. i had to have my husband carry me down the stairs. we went straight back the emergency room. when i first got there, they suspected i had guillian-barre syndrome, but i did not meet the full clinical symptoms as i still had reflexes so they did not test for it. the er doctor said he's seen many similar reactions to the covid-19 vaccine and that most clear up within 2 weeks ? 2 months. he said i was probably having an overactive immune response. he prescribed a steroid to help limit the response and said to monitor my blood pressure as it was high again. 8/11/21: my symptoms continued after the course of steroids. i was essentially home bound for two weeks after this. i could barely walk. i couldn't cognitively function. i was dizzy every time i stood up and my blood pressure was drastically going up and down. i had shortness of breath doing even the smallest task. every night when i went to bed, i was scared i wouldn't wake up the next morning. i was getting worse, so i went to er again on august 11, 2021. they re-ran some blood tests an gave me some medication to get my blood pressure and pulse down. my blood pressure was at 161/99 and 175/83. my pulse was at 108. the er doctor said i need to see a neurologist and sent a referral. 8/16/21: on august 16, 2021 i saw a neurologist. he sent me for a brain mri as well as some additional bloodwork. 8/27/21: i went for a follow up with dr. my mri came back normal. the additional bloodwork came back normal except for i had a positive ana. he said a positive ana means your immune system is overactive and could potentially be attacking itself in the form of an auto-immune disease. although, it was positive he said the numbers weren't that high, so he did not think that was the case but also sent a referral to rheumatology to officially rule it out since i was still having symptoms. he also noticed that all my records were showing tachycardia and this was also the case during my office visits with him. my pulse was consistently between 100 ? 130 for a two week period, so he also made a referral to cardiology. he also stated that he felt i was having an adverse reaction to the vaccine since all other conditions so far were getting ruled out. also because i have no prior history of any such symptoms and they started and progressed within minutes of getting the vaccine, it was the only possible cause. however, he did want to rule everything else out first. he advised that i not get the second vaccine until more testing is done. 9/14/21: my symptoms had plateaued for a while then over the course of the next few weeks i started to slowly see some improvement. the extreme weakness had subsided, however i was still getting short of breath just walking up the stairs. the numbness and tingling was still there but more on and off. i was still having some cognitive dysfunction but this was also getting better. the dizziness became more episodic rather than constant. the blurriness is my right eye went away, however the black spots and floaters still remained. i was still having episodes of my body going numb, with my heart racing and shortness of breath, but the episodes started getting further apart. i went to see the rheumatologist on september 14, 2021. he sent me for the additional bloodwork due to the original positive ana to test for certain auto-immune diseases, but these tests also came back negative/normal. he also noticed my heart rate was high and said to make sure i go to the cardiology appointment. 9/15/21: on september 15, 2021 i saw cardiologist. before my visit i had a holter monitor on for 48 hours which showed periods of sinus tachycardia while at rest, including a 15 minute run of 140 beats per minutes while i was sleeping. he reviewed my history and due to my symptoms, the abnormal ekg, the holter monitor results and the fact that they are seeing potential heart issues with the covid-19 vaccine, he wanted to get a cardiac mri done. he suspected possible myocarditis, but also said for most people it clears up within a month or two after the shot, and i was already two months out at this point. due to back-logs in medical field i was not able to get this test done until october 13, 2021. the mri came back normal with no sustained damage. if the tachycardia still remained by mid-december, i was to see him again for medication. 10/25/2021: i had received my mri results on 10/21/21 and had a follow up call with dr. on 10/25/2021. on this call he advised that i do not get the second vaccine as all other conditions have been ruled out and given the timeline, a vaccine reaction is the only plausible cause. 1/5/2022: i was still having bouts of tachycardia, severe brain fog , weakness and visual disturbances so i went back to my primary care doctor's office. i saw the other physician there. due to the tachycardia she prescribed me metoprolol which i am still taking and has helped calm my heart rate. i am still unable to exercise and have severe brain fog. i have been doing physical therapy type of exercises and walking on a treadmill to help build my strength back up. the brain fog has been so severe that doctor also prescribed me adderall to take every once in a while as needed. i have a follow up appointment with her in march 2022. as of today, i feel like i'm about 75% back to my self. however with no recent improvements, i fear the remainder is permanent

Données de laboratoire
i had 3 er visits which included full bloodwork, a head ct scan and two ekg?s. the blood work and ct came back normal. the ekg?s showed sinus tachycardia. i had a brain mri done, additional bloodwork and a 48 hour holter monitor. the mri came back normal and the bloodwork came back normal except for i had a positive ana test. so i was sent to a rheumatologist for follow up. the heart monitor showed sinus tachycardia, so i was also sent me to a cardiologist. the follow up tests from the rheumatologist ruled out any sort of auto-immune issues. the cardiologist sent me for a cardiac mri which also came back normal. i also saw an optometrist in regards to the blurry vision and floaters. she dilated my eyes and did a retinal scan that again came back normal
Liste des symptômes
cognitive disorder paraesthesia fear retinogram normal magnetic resonance imaging head normal fatigue feeling abnormal headache vitreous floaters asthenia gait disturbance dizziness vision blurred dyspnoea tachycardia palpitations hypertension heart rate increased syncope electrocardiogram abnormal immune system disorder sleep disorder hypoaesthesia vaccination complication burning sensation antinuclear antibody positive dyspnoea exertional blood test normal visual impairment computerised tomogram head normal sinus tachycardia neurological examination abnormal dysstasia cardiac imaging procedure normal exercise tolerance decreased blood pressure fluctuation electrocardiogram ambulatory abnormal specialist consultation reflex test pupil dilation procedure
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